SATLA is the only student body at Melbourne Law School that serves law students with a background or interest in science and technology.
We aim to create opportunities for students by fostering an exchange of ideas between like-minded students, professionals and academics.



Science and technology-related law is a rapidly developing area. We provide a forum for exploring these developments by hosting guest speakers and expert panels featuring those practicing and researching in this area of the law. We also work with Melbourne Law School to promote the Juris Doctor as a graduate pathway for students with a background in science and technology disciplines.



The increasing interaction between science, technology and the law provides unique and diverse employment opportunities for law graduates. We aim to inform students about these career pathways and connect them with employers who highly value experience and interest in science and technology.



We recognise that a significant proportion of Juris Doctor students are interested in issues of science, technology and innovation. We represent these students by advocating for changes to the Juris Doctor curriculum as well as providing extra-curricular opportunities for students to further explore these interests in the context of their legal education.