2019 Executive Committee

The SATLA Executive Committee consists of Melbourne Law School students across all levels of the Juris Doctor program. Though we have diverse experiences and backgrounds, we are united by our shared interest in the law and sciences. This in turn drives our commitment to developing SATLA's presence and increasing the opportunities it can provide to like-minded students.

If you wish to contact a member of the committee, please do so through our central email address connect@satla.net, and address your enquiry to the relevant committee member.



Nicholas Gillies

President (JD 3)

Nick’s interest in science and technology stems from his passion for User Interface and Experience design. During the final year of his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Nick also worked to redesign the University LMS and Student Portal infrastructure to provide a more intuitive tool that fosters social learning and communication. After completing the Melbourne Accelerator Program’s ‘Velocity Program’ in 2016, Nick deferred his start-up ambitions to pursue his long-time goal of studying the JD. His competing passions have manifested in a desire to practice at the intersection of the law and technology, and are the motivation behind his involvement in SATLA and other technology-related extracurricular activities at the law school. Nick returns to SATLA after serving as Sponsorship Director last year.


Mona zhang

Vice-President (JD 3)

Mona completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne in 2014, majoring in Microbiology. Last year she was part of the development team for the ‘Bail Helper’ app, which won the Herbert Smith Freehills Award for Best Law App. The app was built using Neota Logic technology and aims to make the Queensland bail application process more accessible. Mona has interned at the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, assisting in research and development of policy recommendations. Her focus areas were genetic discrimination and direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Mona ultimately aspires to work in health policy or intellectual property law. She returns to SATLA after serving as Communications Director last year.


Max Slattery

treasurer (JD 2)

Max came to Melbourne from Adelaide in 2013 with a passion for studying science.  He has since completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Neuroscience and comes to MLS with a great interest in the intersection of the law and the medical sciences. He has also worked and taught in the field of neuromarketing but his interests now span the full suite of interactions between the sciences and the law. Max returns to SATLA after serving as a First Year Representative last year.


Sarah Watson

communications director (JD 2)

Sarah completed a Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith University in Queensland. Her study of health law and ethics in this degree motivated her to make the move to Melbourne and begin the JD in 2018. She has since interned at the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner, assisting the investigations team in complaint resolution as well as carrying out research on investigative frameworks, the capacity to give informed consent and the compliance of Victorian mental health legislation with international human rights obligations in relation to restraint and compulsory treatment. This experience has reinforced her ambition to pursue a career in health law and policy, and she has developed a particular interest in mental health law and healthcare sector regulation. Sarah returns to SATLA after serving as a First Year Representative last year.


May mehrebin

Sponsorship Director (JD 3)

May completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health) at Monash University in 2016 prior to commencing the JD. During this time she worked with Diabetes Australia and became interested in the process of applying evidence-based legislation to public health issues. While at Melbourne Law School, she has developed an interest in the regulatory issues around new technologies and has undertaken research into the area of AI in the domestic legal plane and cyber warfare in international law


maddy Pittle

events Director (JD 2)

Maddy completed a Bachelor of Arts (Politics) and a Diploma in Languages (Mandarin) at the University of Melbourne in 2017. Her interest in science and technology emerged during her four years working for a risk assurance and software company serving the legal sector. Through this role Maddy was exposed to the ways in which cloud-based systems, automation, and artificial intelligence are transforming the legal sector, and how lawyers and legal practitioners adapt (or fail to adapt) to these changes. Despite not having a scientific academic background, Maddy is passionate about understanding how advances in science and technology will affect the legal sector and society in general. Her motivations for joining the SATLA committee include a desire to increase awareness and understanding within the JD student body of the technological skills that future lawyers will need in their practice.


monica La Macchia

events Director (JD 2)

Monica has a strong interest in technology and how it can innovate the legal industry. This includes using instantaneous digital records to make international legal processes more efficient and increasing the use of AI in discovery. Monica completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2016. Her interest in technology and the law began whilst undertaking a Python coding course at Melbourne Law School in 2018 and she engaged with SATLA initially through its events. Monica was motivated to join SATLA to make legal issues in the science and technology sphere more accessible to all students. She strongly believes that developments in technology, including blockchain and AI, will impact the entire legal industry.


JD Hohmann


JD has a background in science and biotechnology. JD came to realise that for scientific discoveries to have real world impacts, they must be protected and commercialised. JD therefore, decided to pursue a Juris Doctor to be able to facilitate this process. JD is interested in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, digital fabrication such as 3D printing and autonomous vehicles among others. JD is a firm believer in making the transfer of skills and knowledge at the community level easier. He is a founding member of a community makerspace for those reasons and was voted the inaugural president of that non-for-profit. JD is excited to be part of the SATLA committee and hopes to facilitate closer integration between science and law.


katie saliba


Katie completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne in 2017, majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. During her studies she interned with the Doherty Institute, looking at antibiotic resistance. She then went on to complete an honours year within the Immunity and Infection division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Katie became enamoured with global health law during her undergraduate studies, specifically concerning infectious disease control. She subsequently developed an interest in medical negligence and intellectual property law. Katie is excited to further explore the growing relationship between science and law with SATLA in 2019!