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Upcoming Events


Panel on Redesigning Legal Services for Better User Experience
28 February, Herbert Smith Freehills
Panellists for this event include Sam Flynn, enterprising lawyer and co-founder of Melbourne legal tech start up Josef, who will talk about how legal bots can improve the way we provide legal services and facilitate access to justice; Reuben Stanton, Design Director and Co-Founder of Paper Giant, who will speak to his experience as a non-lawyer building; and Madeline Oldfield, Independent Management Consultant, Adjunct Fellow at Sir Zelman Cowen Centre and former Director of Resolving Disputes Digitally @ VCAT, who will explore how applying human-centred design on the VCAT Online Dispute Resolution Pilot provided an innovative approach to delivering new legal tech that improved access to justice for Victorians. See link for ticketing details.


Doherty Institute Q&A
28 February, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
At this special event, you will have the unique opportunity to listen to a distinguished panel consisting of Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, the Honourable Michael Kirby and Professor Christine Kilpatrick, CEO of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, answer questions posed by staff and students from the Doherty Institute. Questions will be framed around the themes of public health, human rights, gender equity and leadership.

Science and Technology Law News

'Spiritual healer' told dying cancer patient to stop medical treatment
This month Mr Jensen was banned by the Health Complaints Commissioner from importing, manufacturing, or compounding any substance that he or anyone else claims can cure cancer.

The cyber attack on Parliament was done by a 'state actor'
Whether it's hackers stealing files from defence contractors or Federal Parliament's computer network being undermined, Australia has for years come under attack from cyber criminals and foreign governments.

My Health Record opt-outs top 2.5m as service moves to 'evolving' choice
The scheme allows digital records to be shared between providers to improve the effectiveness of health care, but the rollout has been plagued with controversy.

Lander & Rogers partners with YBF Ventures to open LawTech hub
The space will be open to the firm's staff and clients, and startups, with startups to be accepted for set periods through two intakes a year.

Lethal medication sourced for Victoria's voluntary euthanasia scheme
The medication needed to make the lethal dose is already legal in Australia, and there will be no need to import the banned euthanasia drug pentobarbital.

Platforms, ads and the media?
Podcast: Traditional media has been transformed by technological change and across the world, governments and regulators are contemplating the impact of the disruption on the production and consumption of news.

What's the 'right' regulation for Facebook?
Podcast: One of the latest regulators to take aim is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in its Inquiry into Digital Platforms and their impact on media and advertising sectors.

Law and ethics around using children as tissue donors
Podcast: What if you are a small child, there's nothing wrong with you, and doctors and your parents are very keen that you donate your healthy tissue?

Climate change takes front seat in NSW court
Podcast: The NSW Land and Environmental Court has ruled against a proposed Rocky Hill coal mine in NSW Hunter Valley coal mine development citing the mine's impact on climate change.

Pixilated prisoners: having your day in court via audio visual link
Podcast: In recent years, there has been an explosion in the use of AVLs between prisons and courtrooms.