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My Health Record: Distorting the Balance of Trust?

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Date: 1:00 - 2:00pm, Tuesday 2 October 2018 
Location: Room 920, Melbourne Law School

Please register your attendance here.Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch.

This event is part of the Health Law and Ethics Network monthly seminar series, and will be co-hosted with SATLA, HeLEX@Melbourne, and the Centre for Media and Communications Law.

The My Health Record is now in its controversial ‘opt out’ phase. In this presentation, Dr Megan Prictor and Assoc Prof Mark Taylor of the HeLEX@Melbourne team will explore the My Health Record’s aims and legal framework, the current concerns and government responses, and provide context from the failed ‘’ project in the UK.

Upcoming Events

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Health Reform Challenges in My Life
1 October, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Prof Brendan Murphy is Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Government and principal medical adviser to the Department of Health. He will discuss a selection of health reform challenges from his life, including workforce reform, primary care reform, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and pharmaceutical benefits scheme sustainability.

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Law and the Gig Economy
2 October, Thomson Reuters & The Legal ForecastAs part of its 'In Conversation Series', The Legal Forecast will host a Q&A panel on being a lawyer in the gig economy. The evening will explore the questions you have about being a ‘freelance’ lawyer, the opportunities available to enterprising lawyers who work in this innovative field, and the challenges workplaces will face in future.

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Global Litigation to Fight Global Warming
4 October, Global Law Students Association
In Global Law Students Association's biannual Global Thinking Lecture Series, Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Spokesperson on climate change, Adam Bandt, will speak about the growing field of litigation and regulation to help stop global warming.

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Designed to Order: Contemplating a Future where Synthetic Human Cells are Made on Demand
25 October, The University of Melbourne
This workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary mix of scholars and stakeholders to consider the social goods that designer cell technologies aspire to achieve, lessons from other countries, and cross-disciplinary and governance practices and processes required to responsibly enable progress.

Science and Technology Law News

EU terrorism regulation threatens internet health in Europe
The European Commission has proposed a troublesome new regulation regarding terrorist content online.

European Court of Human Rights: Big Brother Watch v The United Kingdom 
Applications were introduced following revelations by Edward Snowden relating to electronic surveillance programmes operated by the intelligence services of the USA and the UK. Applicants believed that their electronic communications were likely to have been intercepted by the UK intelligence services.

Teething problems as blockchain finds its feet
Arnold Bloch Leibler partner Michael Dodge explains that if blockchain technology is to realise its dazzling potential, some fundamental issues need to be addressed.

WA Police brings in AI detectives to catch crooks
Police in Western Australia have completed trials of a comprehensive new system that uses the latest AI tools to comb through mountains of digital evidence and help solve cases faster.

Leave no dark corner
China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. For some, "social credit" will bring privileges - for others, punishment.

The complexities of cyber sovereignty in Chinese airlines over Australian skies
On a recent trip from Melbourne to Shanghai I was confused to find some internet services were inaccessible.

Digital delivery of legal services to people on low incomes
The UK's Legal Education Foundation has released its third annual report.